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The fan

Sheen Mandalas by Afsheen Beig | Stand : NB06

In this unique fusion of Islamic and Spanish architectural influences, a mandala takes the form of an exquisite fan, reminiscent of the intricate patterns found in both cultures. The fan-shaped mandala is adorned with motifs inspired by the geometric designs of Islamic architecture, featuring delicate arabesques design. At the heart of the mandala, a central motif reminiscent of the intricate domes and arches of Islamic mosques serves as the focal point, surrounded by a symphony of intricate details. As the eye moves outward, the mandala expands like the unfolding petals of a flower, revealing layers of complexity and beauty. Incorporating elements of Spanish architecture, the outer edges of the mandala feature motifs inspired by the intricate tile work and ornamental detailing found in Alhambra Palace and other Spanish landmarks. These motifs add depth and richness to the design, blending seamlessly with the Islamic-inspired patterns to create a captivating tapestry of cultural heritage.

  • Art Style: Mixed media
  • Size and orientation: Medium
  • Dimensions: Height-45, Width-62, Depth-3
  • Price Range: AED 1001 - AED 5000
  • Colour: Blue, Green, Pink, Yellow
  • Price: AED 3875