Exhibitor Name
Batool Jafri

United Arab Emirates

Stand: Z19

Dubai based Pakistani artist Batool Jafri renders intricately patterned figures in mixed media on canvas, using a variety of techniques to create visually stunning and multi-layered forms representing the complexity and inner struggle resulting from the myriad roles and stereo types women find themselves. Jafri effortlessly combines media – often within the same works – moving from strong dashes of paint to intricate swirling patterns within strict boundaries softened by an expressionist style that draws you into the depth of her work. Often embedding references to duality, human perception and inner struggle, Jafri’s work alludes to an influence of Impressionism and an intermingling of colour and form. Her work invites the viewers to delve deeper than the surface of her subjects and find their personalities and dreams expressed through the various colours, patterns and textures that are characteristic of her work.

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