Exhibitor Name
Julia Smolenkova
Stand: M 08

Julia Smolenkova, an award-winning contemporary artist from Russia is best known for her colorful art series Cities. In her artworks, connection between the abstract and the real create new space level. An original pieces can be found in public and private collections around the world as well as in the United Nations collection. Her monumental mosaics adorn the streets of Moscow.  As a PhD in the field of the history of art and architecture, she is engaged in scientific work, writes articles and books, speaks at international conferences. Also Julia works with students as an assotiate professor at the Stroganov Moscow State Art and Industrial University. Julia is an avid traveller and explores worldwide cities to acquire her inspiration. Julia is often inspired by life and joyous moments, which result in the development of new collections that she paints in her Moscow and Brussels studios and are exhibited regularly. Awarded with: . an honorary diploma of the Ministry of education and sciences of the Russian Federation "for merits in the field of education and long-term conscientious work" . the Praiseworthy Medal of the Russia Academy of Arts  . Gold Medal of the Creative Union of Artists of Russia for Contribution to the Russian Culture . Saint Michael Gold Medal for New York Realism . Diploma of the Russian Academy of Arts . Laureate of the Young Talents of Russion Competirion of the State Tretyakv Gallery . Laureate of the Popkov Prizee of the International Arts Fund . Laureate  of Moscow - the City of the World International Contest Licenced artist in UAE Member of the Artists of Union of Russia Member of the Moscow Union of Russia Member of International Arts Fund Member of the Creative Union of Artists of Russia Member of the  Belgium International Art Assotiation Art Espaces

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